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Rachel Hadari is a Ceramic Artist, Fashion Designer, Curator, Educator. Accomplished fashion designer, art college administrator, and distinguished senior lecturer in Tel Aviv turned dedicated ceramic artist in Boston. Known for building clay vessels under the label Ray by Rachel Hadari. Trained at the Harvard Ceramics Program and Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art. Operating a ceramics studio based in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Artist Statement

My work starts with a ball of clay in my hands. I slowly pinch it into a bowl, gradually adding coils of clay until the form is complete. It is an intuitive, meditatively repetitive stage, unconsciously leading me to the basic form, born from collective memories. 

This process connects to my early years on the Carmel Mountain on the Mediterranean Coast of Israel, where many ancient cultures and peoples converged, leaving their mark in the soil. My forms are deeply related to Phoenicians, Greek, Roman Amphoras, and Palestinian water jars (jarra). 

When the form is shaped and smoothed, it still feels unfinished to me. As a fashion designer, and later as an educator of many designers, I was always drawn to the hidden, unconscious messages that clothes represent. This obsession with the hidden messages followed me to my current occupation as a ceramic artist. I am dressing my clay vessels out of a longing to express my inner world. I shape a form. Emotions will inhabit it. A good space always finds its inhabitants. 

When I was at the beginning of my path as a creator, I was attracted to the new, the digital, and the endless possibilities of scientific discoveries. At this stage of life, I feel the need to literally touch the earth. I connect to the soil I grew up on to tell my own story. I return to nature as the force of inspiration. I am drawn to natural cycles, moon phases, spherical orbits, organic rhythm, relationships, ties, knots, bonds, and burdens, all connected to the female condition in the world. My work seeks to express the rhythms of the life cycle.

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